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a minute of Vision for Life

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June 2014

"Becoming a Star "


"What I Learned From Joe Perkins"

"Move, Move, Move"


"When Anxiety Rears

Its Ugly Head"


"The Favor of God"


"The Ministry of Presence "


"Lombardi's Leadership Secret"

"Being a Man by Being Thankful"

"The Influence of a Mom"

"The Man You Were Meant to Be"


May 2014

"Taking Time to  Listen"

"The Emptiness of


"There's Got to be More

Than This"

"Value vs Importance"


April 2014

"Pay Now, Pay Later"

"The Power of Words"


"Revived by Failure"

"Building Trust"

"The Field of Selfishness"


February 2014

"Inspiring Generosity"

"When Fog Settles In"

"Under Pressure"

"Accompishing the



March 2014

"The Price of Greatness is Responsibility"

"What is Coaching?"

"Intentional                  Expectations"

"A Hall of Fame Dad"


"Model Your Expectations"

January 2014

"Hard Work"


"To Have Success,

Give Your Life Away"

"Success is an


"Success is an


"Success is an Action"

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